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all must balance

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Created by Gabriel Ionita | March 20, 2017
Version 1 | March 20, 2017
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I like to reference balance as the dance between order and chaos.  The will of the universe is expansion.  Ilya Prigogine's 'Theory of Dissipative Structures', in my opinion, expresses how both order and chaos work together to manifest increasing balance of potential and potential of balance.

Balance is a point within every structure that is temporary due to the fact that creative movement is fluid and potential is limitless.   All points of balance in the creation are temporary, with one exception, one frequency of Consciousness.

Therefore we, our bodies, minds, emotions, and lives, our world, this universe, all express incremental points of balance which build upon to achieve greater potential. We are forever willed towards the embracing of greater potential.   The Yin Yang symbol beautifully illustrates the principle of chaos within order, and order within chaos.

Every phase of an energetic structure's potential has a point of balance. It is an amazing energetic and alchemical process that sustains the rhythm of this process.

There afterwards comes into play an inherent chaotic node within every structure that breaks that structure apart and moves the elements into a more expansive structure.  Then here comes that point again wherein that structure has achieved perfect balance within that phase of itself and potential for the perfect amount of time. 

Balance is suspended tension of a principle, thought construct or form.   When working with the physical body, one can learn how to balance degrees of tension and degrees of relaxation as well. 

Eventually the chaotic node again activates to break apart that structure and lure the elements of that structure into a larger potentiality of itself to once again rest there as an expression of that phase. 

This is a powerful aspect within the organic structure of all phases of our world and lives, from microcosm to macrocosm.  Organic structures are bound by this universal law.

A thing's greater balance may at some point mean a synergy with another structure which enhances the potentiality of both.  After which, they may both be changed forever from their original design or principle to embrace an even greater potential.  This principle is at work in our lives, communities, and world.

Balance in consciousness, which is the one exception I mentioned earlier,  is a potential reached in which one is poised within knowing of a self beyond all movement, phases, and change of form.  It is an awareness so pristine, there is nothing more to balance.  Balance must be achieved between more than one element.  When there is only ONE the concept of balance is transformed.

The entire universe is driven by the will to achieve greater potentiality via the balance that chaos and order bring.

A person's life may seem wholly chaotic, but this is merely movement towards the person embracing a greater balance in some aspect.

If I may digress for one moment.....Appearances therefore can be very deceiving.  That is another reason judgment is a failed concept.  What we observe with our limited knowledge in human form is only a fragment of the process of order and chaos in anyone's life.  It is the whole picture that crystalizes the genius of a life.

premature conclusions of ourselves and others based upon partial or no knowledge about how the laws of the universe work is rampant in this world. Believing one can measure the entire worth of a human being or their lifestyle by any phase of their life is a self indulgent delusion. 

Bottom line, I agree.  There must be balance in all things within the creation, but there must also be the vision to comprehend that what we may think is an unbalance, or chaos, may be in truth movement towards greater balance.

Future balance lies in that as of yet unknown.
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Eric Sawyer
R. Eric Sawyer, Christian, B.S. Psychology 1978
Even assuming the question had in relevance for me (it does not) Could it not be protested that "humanity" is not a closed system; that it could be hypothetically balanced by knowledge and wisdom elsewhere?

Just as the entropy lost in one area may be offset by entropy added somewhere else, but in a way that the connection is not at first apparent -the important thing being the total entropy of the system-

Again, I have no point to make, other than playing with the original question.
Lance Haseltine, physician, teacher, curious, human
Human ignorance far exceeds its knowledge and wisdom; ergo, the stated premise is false.
Jeff Kesselman, I know a little bit about a whole lot, and a whole lot about a little bit.
True and false.

In the short term, unbalanced systems certainly exist, they exhibit this unbalance as either a positive or negative feedback loop.

In the long run however, they cannot endure.  Negative feedback loops either hit a balance point or dwindle on their own to extinctions.  Positive feedback loops either similarly hit a balance point or blow-up.

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