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Logo is an International platform operating within the regulatory framework established by Estonia, including the Law of Virtual Financial Assets of Estonia and belongs to the Walkex OÜ company registered in Estonia.

Walkex is an Exchange that operates the cryptocurrency trade and offers many other cryptocurrency related products and services, such as Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Centralized Exchange (CEX), Initial Exchange Offers (IEO) and much more.



Next we will see how the Walkex affiliate program works; It consists of 3 levels of depth and has no amplitude limit, that is, users per level are unlimited.

  1. With your referral link, you invite your friends, who can register for free. They will become your direct affiliates and will be placed on your first level. As we have already seen, the number of affiliates is unlimited; You can invite all the friends you want. Each time one of them carries out a transaction on the WalkEx platform, you will receive a 10% commission instantly that will go directly to your Wallet (wallet) of that currency.

  2. When your first level direct affiliates invite their friends, they will automatically be placed in your second level as your indirect affiliates, and this time, whenever they make a transaction in WalkEx you will receive an instant commission of 5% on your Wallet

  3. If your second level indirect affiliates invite their friends, they will become part of your third level and as with level 2, you will receive a 5% commission for each transaction they make on the platform that will go directly to your wallet

It is IMPORTANT to know that once you have a large network of people behind you, you can earn commissions every second without having to do another job. This system, in addition to residual and lifetime, has no profit limits.